Redesigning ROM

ROM, Royal Ontario Museum, is one of the most well-known art museums in Ontario, Canada. The new design focused on assisting the visitors to understand what the organization can offer and reserve the visitation easier and faster. Specifically, the calendar page organizes all events and exhibitions into one section and allows the users to navigate with more comfort and accessibility. The main focus of this project was to make the user experience more direct, efficient, and easy to comprehend and use, regardless of the target audience.
Logo Story

The new logo represents the modernized exterior of the museum building. The museum building itself embodies the harmony between the history of the past and the freshness of the future. The logo needed to depict an iconic combination and give ROM a clarifying identity. The letters from the typeface called “P22 Arts and Crafts” describe such unity of the museum building.
New ROM Colours
New ROM Typeface
Prototype - Web   Click where the tinted circle(s) is(are) located!
Prototype - Mobile   Click where the tinted circle(s) is(are) located!
Graphic Designer: JaeHee Lee
Project Name: Royal Ontario Museum (UI Redesign)
Project Category: UX&UI Design, Re-design
Program(s): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD

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