Iconoclast front cover image with combination of logos and slogan, in front of the photo of three coffee cups
Photograph of an outdoor signage of the cafe
What is Iconoclast?
Iconoclast is a European-style brunch café and a coffee shop located in the centre of the art community. The brand takes great pride in serving organic & fair-trade coffee and tea, scrumptious desserts, baked goods, and sandwiches to local food enthusiasts and art gallery visitors.
 Gif motion of an espresso machine making coffee into a cup
The goal of this branding focuses on creating an identity that grabs attention. Instead of creating direct visuals such as kitchenware and food silhouettes in the brand identity materials, the overall design aims to create a contemporary and simplistic tone to impress modern consumers.
Gif-motion of coffee beans being ground
Brand Colour Explanation and a photograph of three short coffee cups
Photograph of three floating coffee cups
Brand typeface explanation page
Menu mockups clipped on two wooden clipboards
Photograph of menu boards, a teapot, a tea bag, a sugar packet, two bread packages, and other baked goods and coffees
Photograph of the takeout box with a brand package sleeve
Photographs of different brand identity mockups including business cards, cups, bags, and signage
Photograph of a woman holding a brand coffee cup in front of the busy cafe scenery
Photograph of a woman holding a brand shopping bag in front of the empty cafe interior
Pattern made out of slogans and logos
Graphic Designer: JaeHee Lee
Project Name: Iconoclast
Project Category: Branding, Package Design
Program(s): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

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