What is Buter?

Have you been to a new city without knowing where to go? Searching for restaurants and calling them to ask questions and get reservations can be a bit challenging even now. Buter is a direct spot-finding guide for urban socialites and foodies. Using Buter, you can search nearby restaurants and bars with detail-oriented search engines and trendy hashtags. For you, Buter can make reservations with your preferences and requests alerted to the establishment before your visit. Just with a few taps and swipes, you can plan the perfect dining experiences and have a stress-free lifestyle!
Brand Story

“When I just moved to New York by myself, I did not know anything and did not know where to go in that big city. I used to spend hours browsing different restaurants and cafes to explore. Still, I believe there were many missed opportunities to find amazing hidden spots. Nowadays, finding a place with a relaxing atmosphere and good food is harder than ever. Buter is a restaurant booking application and a combined reflection of my personal experiences and struggles as a food lover in foreign cities.”

by JaeHee Lee Graphic Designer
Logo Story
Butter is one of the most beloved and necessary ingredients in the culinary field. It enriches the food's flavours, and its smell attracts pedestrians to restaurants with curiosity and excitement. The smell of melting butter gives the waiting customers great anticipation for the next few hours of their dining time. Thus, Buter delivers the same delightful sensation to its users by elevating their "book, go, and enjoy" experience. 
Brand Persona
Brand Typeface
Brand Colours
Why Buter?
Be Part of Buter!
Buter offers endless promotions and benefits just by having an account.
No membership or subscription is needed to enjoy your food enthusiast lifestyle! 
Explore, Find, and Go with Buter!
No more back and forth, spending hours searching where to go and what to eat.
Buter helps you find a list of spots with your preferences and needs!
Tap, swipe, and be ready with Buter!
Have you ever gotten anxious or lazy to call the restaurant to ask questions or book reservations?
Buter gets the job done with a few taps and swipes!
Have Questions? Ask on Buter!
What if you have to change the reservation, notify the restaurant, or ask questions?
Buter helps you directly communicate with staff in every establishment.
Prototype Click where the glowing circle(s) is(are) located!
Graphic Designer: JaeHee Lee
Project Name: Buter
Project Category: Branding, UX&UI Design
Program(s): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD

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